MORE&MORE (A GUIDE TO THE HARMONIZED SYSTEM), edited by Marina Zurkow, included a series of small writings I produced describing souvenirs/items (plastic dolphin, laser pen, etc.) given to me by people on vacation or about to leave New York, and what shipping routes they must have taken from their place of origin.

MY TWEETS YOUR TWEETS is a twitter book series of handmade/handwritten and print-on-demand books. A twitter scraper searches for users that self-identify as poets in their bios, and for tweets by those users which correspond with a given keyword. The resulting tweets are then transcribed, one tweet per page, for 140 pages.

I wrote one long document in 2012, all as one document. It's called 2012 document.

IPHONE POEMS is a Siri-series created shortly after the birth of Siri. Poems were dictated and transcribed by my iPhone4s while driving. Read some here.

ONE HUNDRED is an experiment in collaborative writing through GoogleDocs. The printed version, of which one hundred handmade copies were produced, includes four iterations of the manuscript, which was written over the course of a year and with all participants (a collaboration with Jillian Roberts, Kelsa Trom, Steven Lance) having equal authority to alter the manuscript.

BREADSONGS is a 30-minute play written in collaboration with the Lectric Collective. It was staged at WEartspace in Oakland, CA for the event “A Night of Collectible Performances.”

INFORMATION ABOUT 567 WORDS is a bunch of poems, which were written and then analyzed as data.

I made about 20 copies of KILL THE CLAM as an undergraduate writing student at UC Berkeley and somehow it ended up for sale on Amazon. It's a book of poems inspired by a real story of the killing of the oldest clam, which was thought to be among the oldest animals on the earth.