Hihi, I'm Sarah. You are a person (or bot) visiting my website. If you're here, you may want to know things about me.

I am a person who makes experiences in many formats including XR, workshops, performances, installations, images, and words.

In most of what I do, I try to figure out what a new technology does or might do, and use it to commmunicate something I’ve been researching, observing, or experiencing.

Things that interest me are: the relationship between the personal and systems (like global trade, time, and social media), virtualization, embodiment, perception, worlds, ecosystems, and media/communication. 

Sometimes I make things to connect to someone, maybe even you, maybe myself.


I am from Los Angeles and now live in New York. I grew up using chatrooms (a lot), obsessed with the internet and the way it connected me to a much bigger world. In 2007 I moved to the Bay Area to study poetry and writing at UC Berkeley and translated my obsession to studying media theory, with a particular focus on how real-time text-based communication (like texting) changes written expression, and more broadly how new technologies affect the way we connect with each other (for better or worse).

After spending lots of time with poets, making writing that experimented with (mis-)using new technologies (like autocorrect, real-time collaboration, web collage) I decided I wanted to learn how to work with computers in a deeper way. So, I moved to NYC, where I was introduced to all kinds of other ways of making things using (and still mis-using) software, hardware, and code and fell in love with interactivity as a medium. 

Recently, I’ve been re-thinking what it means to be an artist, and maybe it means to be a lens. So I think it is also worth mentioning things that deeply shaped my worldview: the experience of growing as a misfit in my surroundings, with a father with early-onset dementia, and with a grandmother who survived concentration camps and came to the United States with my mother as a displaced person. I value change, weirdness, acceptance, creativity, connection, criticality, and laughter, and apparently being cheesey. 

You can find me at: the New Museum's cultural incubator, NEW INC, my studio at Future Space, at IMA/ITP at NYU, where I teach interactive media art.

I am also the artist behind Apple’s [AR]T Lab, co-creating an augmented reality art workshop that runs at all Apple stores around the world.

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