A site-specific video installation created in collaboration with Marina Zurkow, commissiond by MTA Arts & Design.

From the MTA Site: 

Sarah Rothberg and Marina Zurkow’s video project "WHAT IS HAPPENING" at Fulton Center combines site-specific drawings of the transit hub’s architectural elements with text and animated collage. Philosophical queries like "WHAT IS POSSIBLE" or "WHAT IS MOVING" prompt the minds of viewers passing through. These provocations are met with clever visual juxtapositions, such as a doughnut rising out of the ring under the Center’s oculus in response to "WHAT IS A PORTAL." A poem scrolls through the center of the mezzanine screens, connecting introspective reflection to the physical surroundings. With surrealism and humor, "WHAT IS HAPPENING" inspires contemplation when moving through the vast historic and civic space.