Water connects us to each other, to other animals, to the earth and atmosphere. It’s atemporal, and not fixed in space. It might be inside of my body, then yours, then in the sky, then the ocean, then back around. It's both the best metaphor for fluidity, interconnectedness, boundlessness, and not a metaphor at all: just the best example.

Water Without Wet (VR-only version) is made up of 10 interactive vignettes that play in a loop, in which you're instructed to enact simulations of everyday actions: drinking from a glass, flushing a toilet, watering a plant. Each run through the loop is different, revealing a recombinatory poem and generating a rhythmic soundscape.

WWW draws on the similarities between technology, water, and the human body through an emphasis on all entities as invisible webs of globally tansitory materials.

VR software (non-installation version) comes with a unique download link and this special print of this image captured from within the VR environment.

Water Without Wet (you order an item)
11 x 11 in / 28 x 28 cm
Custom VR software and digital print on achival rag paper

contact: info@bitforms.art