2024 studio visit with Wade Wallerstein from Outland

"In Rothberg’s capable hands, VR technology is pushed beyond merely instrumental use into a personal, idiosyncratic realm that hints at the wonders to come."

-Dylan Kerr,
"Why "Memory/Place" Might Be the First True Virtual-Reality Art Masterpiece"

[Rothberg's works] "repeat a similar nostalgia for the organic body by imagining new forms of embodiment as visions of the uncanny."

-Dillon Heyck,
"Dancing Out the Threat of Corporal Obsolescence in VR"

[Rothberg's work] “offers an alternative to the (often male, violent, pixel-perfect, and sterile) vision of VR’s future, taking audiences through mundane tasks that VR might perform, as a playful form of social critique."
"Field Notes: Codes & Modes Symposium"