Oops! I put on your headset is a simulation of what it might be like to accidentally use someone else's VR headset (mine) if and when VR is ever used in an ongoing way for personal and/or boring things. Listen to my voicemails, play my dumb "good-job" game. Built on top of the oft-used VRSamples package for Unity, Oops playfully offers an alternative to the (often male, violent, pixel-perfect, and sterile) vision of what the future of VR will be, while acting as a speculative essay about the probably boring future.

Oops! has also taken form as a performance, as part of a talk about the future of VR (at Babycastles and Hunter College's Codes+Modes conference). I put on the headset and take people through mundane things future VR might have.

Prototype shown at Weird Reality Head-Mounted Art&&Code at Carnegie Mellon 2016, and as part of a talk at Babycastles' Wordhack and Hunter College's Codes+Modes conference.

Art&&Code 2016 Weird Reality Notes

Weird Reality Highlights