MEMORY/PLACE: MY HOUSE is an installation which features a navigable virtual reality representation of my childhood home, recreated in 3d using home movies, diaries, and photographs as source material. Using primarily a set of videos from 1988 and 1989 taken by my dad, who later died in that home after suffering from dementia, I stitched together photos and videos which are triggered by the users' presence.

In making this I was imagining the emotional impact that future archiving technologies could have on personal memories in the wake of Facebook's 2014 purchase of Oculus VR.

Curatorial Essay by Jason Judd for the exhibition Placelessness

Featured at:
Memory Burn at bitforms gallery (2015)
Placelessness at Illinois State University Gallery (2016)
Bunker at Sotheby's S2 Gallery New York (2017)

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