LONGING (2021)

An interactive AR poem about longing: for a new world, for a connection, a transformation, for something just out of reach but maybe nearby, for a long time.

The experience features an avatar who elongates as you move, revealing a recombinatory poem that maps time to your movement through space. At the end of the poem, you are left with a sculpture: the avatar stretched along your path. The avatar, sculpted in VR by the artist during the height of the 2020 pandemic lockdown in NYC, was originally created for a series of performances in which the avatar exists in a parallel - but out of sync - with the artist.

Commissioned for the NRW Forum’s AR Biennale in Düsseldorf.

A figure appears and turns towards you. You hear a line of a poem about longing. The arms of the figure outstretch towards you, bneding the sound and creating a tangle as you move around it. You hear the last line of the poem, and walk away from the tangled mess you made.