LECTRIC COLLECTIVE, active from 2010-2013 was a curatorial collective that explored new junctures of interdisciplinary art, along with Jillian Roberts and Kelsa Trom. 


A BOWL OF MOTHER is an interactive installation that encourages alternate uses of domestic objects in a vague, demanding, kind-of-narrative kind of about mothers.

THE BOWERBIRD COLLECTIVE (2013) was a gallery show and reading salon that asked "why do we collect"? I gave a talk on the emerging significance of supercut videos.

INCIDENTAL FILMS: an accidental films (2012) was an event that documented the felt effects mobile video making, especially in conversation with the Occupy movement.

Statement from the event: If propaganda is an aesthetic that refuses to be critical of itself, raw footage purports to be its opposite, an unmolested documentation of the real. But what is being represented? Consider the issue of framing: documentation ceases to be objective. We'd like to present a progression of footage with increasingly controlled (and controlling) frame structures.

EKPHRASTIC (2010-2013) was a tri-yearly gallery show, reading, and workshop series, that brought writers and artists in dialogue about select themes.

THE OLE FACTORY is an olfactory re-imagining of the poem “In McPhearson County” by Jesse Nathan. A pool of collaborators were brought together to fill vials with scents/scented objects that reflected elements of the poem. The installation was on display in October, 2010, at a ‘Lectric Collective Ekphrastic! event. Users were encouraged to interact with the installation by listening to an audio recording of the poem and smelling the corresponding labeled vials.

DOES AMERICA (2012) was a 2 month journey Accross america to document (and question the reality of) America's poetry community. It is recorded at thereyet.me.

Soundtrack to X film was an experimental project enacted during Does America. Participants were asked to watch a video (here, a Kuchar clip) and read fragments of gathered reading materials aloud as they saw fit. The new words were then transcribed as subtitles.