Artistic Research for Memory Prosthetics is an ongoing collaboration with Sonja Blum in the form of project-based research on autobiographical memory and personalized narrative making in the setting of evolving and pervasive modes of technologically-mediated memory.

Some of our projects include:

(Digital) Memory Prosthetics
A series of fantasy devices which address the feedback loops between human memory and new technologies.

Talk: Digital Memory (Prosthetics) Digital Memory Prosthetics: all video, selfies, instagrams, tweets, Facebook posts, digital calendars, map directions, all instances recorded on our phones, computers, tablets, by ourselves or by others, which become deeply instrumental to us in a way that extends and/or stands in for the functionality of the mind.

On Sunday June 5th we hosted a conversation about autobiographical memory and its relationship to digital media with Taeyoon Choi, Jade Davis, Nathan Jurgenson, Luka Lucic, Lorie Novak, and Chris Romero.

Automated Self Chat Bots is a portrait series in which subjects are prompted to talk about memories, which are then composited into a recombinant conversation with themselves. Automated Self is a semi-scientific study/performance that takes the form of images, gifs, videos, and software.

The gifs and video from the first portraits in the series, Chatbot:Laura, was included in HarunaLee’s recent production at La MaMa: to the left of the pantry and under the sugar shack.